We live in a confusing world; too many choices,too many products, too much ‘noise’.Nude believes things can be different;the remedy simple. Simple is beautiful.Simple is pure, clear, transparent.Simple is useable, clean, uncluttered.Simple is convenient, reliable, timeless.Simple is all of these things, and also the reason things are so rarely simple.Because designing and making something simple is not as simple as it seems. Simplicity means caring enough to consider actual needs before refining them to their essence - nothing more, nothing less, the final object easy to understand, use and live with. This means getting closer to the user in order to determine where less equals more, and form most perfectly meets function; where everything is always in the right place at the right time.This idea of simplicity is the guiding principle behind Nude.

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We add value to professional dining with products that are hygienic and are easy to use and clean. We work assiduously to improve our products through innovation.